Forms of Nutrition

Autotrophic (plants)

Heterotrophic (animals) - learn about adaptations of a carnivore to its diet & adaptations of a herbivore to its diet

Holozoic - organisms that take in food - the food is digested into smaller soluble molecules so it can be absorbed & assimilated into the tissues of the organism Animals that have a specialised digestive tract

Saprobiontic - typified by Fungal nutrition Fungi feed on dead organic matter They secrete hydrolyzing enzymes onto the food substrate These enzymes are carbohydrases (digest carbohydrates) & proteases (digest proteins)

Parasitic Parasitic organsims are found on or in an unwilling host e.g. some fungal species e.g. Ringworm; some single-celled organisms such as Chlamydia; multi-cellular organisms such as the flea, tick and Taenia (Tapeworm)