Rotational Dynamics

Angular velocity: the angle of a circle (arc) mapped out by a rotating object per second:

ω = θs-1

Rotational Dynamics

Angular displacement: θ

Angular velocity: ω = θt-1

Angular acceleration: α = Δω/Δt

Moment of Inertia: Inertia = objects have a degree of reluctance to move. Moment of inertia is this but in rotational movement. Objects oppose the movement of angular acceleration. The more they oppose, the greater the moment of inertia (kgm2)

Circular disc: I = Mr2/2

Solid cylinder: I = Mr2

Solid sphere: I = 2Mr2/5

Kinetic Energy: EK = ½Iω2

Torque: Turning force

Pulling force causes torque, T: T = Fr

In terms of inertia: T = Iα