Transport & Water Relations

Transpiration system

Plants require water for growth, temperature regulation and to hold themselves up

Transpiration is the loss of water from the leaves by evaporation

  • Water absorbed into roots through root hair cells
  • Water carried to leaves through xylem vessels
  • Water evaporates from underside of leaves
  • Water escapes through holes called stomata
  • As water evaporates, more is sucked up xylem

transpiration copy.jpg

Stomata are tiny holes under a leaf allowing it to breathe. They open and close to control water loss.

  • When open – O2 and CO2 enter and exit
  • When closed – Reduce water loss

This video explains what happens to water with plants.

Xylem and Phloem Vessels

Xylem are vein like tissues that transport water and minerals up a plant

Phloem are vein like structures through which food is transported around a plant

xylem copy.jpg

Cell Turgor

Green plants rely on cell turgor which is the stiffness given to cell walls to hold themselves up

Cell walls become turgid with water

In woody plants, they do not need cell turgor, but instead rely on the support of the strong, impermeable xylem vessels

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