Work, Power & Energy

This video explains about Work, Power and Energy


Power = how quickly the energy is transferred (from electrical to heat energy)

Which boils quicker? Kettle with high power rating or Kettle with low power rating?

  • High power = Kettle heats up quickly
  • Low power = Kettle heats up slowly

Calculating Power

Power = how much energy is given to an appliance per unit of time

Power (Watts) = voltage x current


Energy Types

  • Magnetic Energy found in magnets and electromagnets
  • Kinetic Energy - The energy in moving objects. Also called movement energy.
  • Heat - Also called thermal energy
  • Light -  Also called radiant energy
  • Gravitational Energy - Stored energy in raised objects.
  • Chemical Energy - Stored energy in fuel, foods and batteries.
  • Sound Energy - released by vibrating objects.
  • Electrical Energy - found in moving or static electric charges.
  • Elastic Energy - Stored energy in stretched or squashed objects.
  • Nuclear Energy - Stored in the nuclei of atoms.